Top 10 Future Collectible Cars

Top 10 Future Collectible Cars

3. Chevrolet COPO Camaro

The menacing Chevrolet COPO Camaro is a drag-ready entrant that can be had with a choice of three V8 engines: a naturally-aspirated 427 cubic-inch motor or a supercharged 350- and 396-cubic engine. With only 69 planned for production, it’s hardly a surprise that the COPO Camaro made the list as the purpose-built drag car has already had success in its previous model years. The COPO Camaro is expected to cost around $90,000, but its price tag varies depending on the plethora of options available.

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  • Marcus

    Where exactly did you get the specs for the LT1? Try again.

  • kcoc

    Why is it that the Challenger won’t go easy on your budget at 16/25 mpg yet the BMW gets a suprising 15/22 mpg? You make it sound like the Challenger is a gas hog but you are happy w/ the worst mpg from the BMW. ?????.

  • JTL2

    I threw out this list once I saw a Ford Fiesta made it.

  • Machobunny

    If I believed this journalistic exercise I’d go buy a dozen
    Fiestas, wrap them in storage, and try to live another 20 years. I’d like to
    see the scoring sheets for these cars? Why the M5 — is there insider info
    that they plan to cease production soon?

    The Alpha I almost believe. They come and go on the market faster than a
    Mexican whore at a Justin Beiber party.

  • Robin Banks

    I don’t believe any “official” anything with spelling errors in the first sentence.