Top 10 Vehicles Axed in 2013

Top 10 Vehicles Axed in 2013

Subaru Tribeca

You can’t live forever. Until someone actually discovers the mythical fountain of youth we simply have to settle for hot water and a dash of Epsom salt in the bath tub to restore vigor. Like it or not we’ve all got an appointment to meet our maker, though unfortunately we never know precisely where or when we’re supposed to get together.

The same is true of vehicles. Even good products get dropped by automakers. Customer desire shifts, sales slump and time marches on; nothing is immune to change. Here are some North American nameplates that were dropped in 2013.

Overall Subaru’s Tribeca midsize crossover was a decent product, though its name is rather outlandish. When it initially landed on the market around 2005 it was called the B9 Tribeca. The second half of its name, while hardly logical, was at least comprehensible. TRIangle BElow CAnal is a neighborhood in southwestern Manhattan. But what the hell did B9 stand for? Is it the name of Soviet rocket booster? Is it a binary star system in the Ursa Minor constellation? Grab your tinfoil hat, nobody seems to know!

Beyond the first-generation’s curious name was its styling. The vehicle’s front end was off putting at best, repulsive at worst. Designers rectified this shortcoming in the second and final iteration of the Tribeca, following a minor refresh. This Subaru is a good crossover but it’s going away.