Top 5 Race Cars of the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

Top 5 Race Cars of the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

3. Ford F-150 2.7L Ecoboost Baja Truck

With an all-new F-150 just introduced, Ford has been hard at work testing its mettle. Using a new aluminum body stickered to look like the 2014 F-150, the Baja race truck competed using the new 2.7 liter ecoboost V6 engine.

  • Camaro Fan

    The Vette is #1 for sure!

  • Rickers

    NO WHERE near as good looking as the CLA.

  • Sarah F

    I would have liked to have read more about the 1.8T. That’s the one I want.

  • MrT

    Beware of German Turbos ans Dual clutch transmissions, they tend to failures an once your warranty is over it cost a fortune to fix it.

  • Das 917

    Quality interior is best than the M B just look on fit and finish specilally in the central bottom parts front seats in the back, and doors….

  • expert

    that’s subjective, I think it looks tons better than the CLA.

  • MsM

    In the past 15 year, I have put more than 320,000 miles on my “German Turbo” Audi and my 8 year old “German Turbo” “DSG” VW is still going very strong. Thanks for your concern.