Redesigned Toyota Camry to Ditch Drab Design

Redesigned Toyota Camry to Ditch Drab Design

It is well known that Toyota has been working to reinvent its boring image, and the Camry is the next car in line for a refresh that will look to ditch the car’s mundane design.

Toyota wants the new Camry to have a “more emotional, more impactful design,” Kevin Hunter, head of Toyota’s U.S. design studio told Automotive News. 

Much like the redesign of the 2014 Corolla (seen above) which introduced an edgy new look, the redesigned Camry will look to embody “waku-doki” design, a shorthand Japanese term for heart-racing qualities.

Camry has been the best selling vehicle in the US for the last 12 years running, so a radical redesign could alienate many new buyers and upset the car’s classic sales recipe of simple, reliable transportation. “I would not go so far as saying we could be adventurous, but at least more aggressive,” said Kazuo Ohara, head of Toyota’s U.S. sales unit.”We were probably a little bit too conservative” with the current Camry.

Toyota has yet to provide any details on when the new Camry will debut.

GALLERY: 2014 Toyota Corolla


[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Luka

    The key will be coming up with something that remains elegant enough for the 60 -somethings. Me personally, I want the Mark X but I don’t see that happening here anytime soon.

  • danwat1234

    Probably 2015 along with the new Prius with new drivetrains

  • Geno

    Make the new Camry in the line of Nissan Sport Sedan concept then we can celebrate.

  • shooter9mm

    My opinion, the designers for Toyota must all come from Colorado or Washington State, all high on THC…………hate to say this but Hyundai is looking much better

  • shooter9mm

    Okay, so what the heck is a Mark-X.

  • Luka
  • Luka
  • ColumWood

    The Mark X is a rear-drive mid-size sedan sold in Japan. It’s essentially a Lexus GS.

  • Cirrus

    I fixed the title: ‘Toyota to ditch drab design and go with years old Audi/VW look’. So bold Tpytoa.

  • Randy2

    I have a Camry that’s 9 years old but I won’t buy a new one because of those ugly taillights. They look like a piece fell off. On the flip side, I do like the looks of the new Avalon. Yes, I’m over 60.

  • shooter9mm

    G-D does work in strange ways, the Lexus GS is a vehicle I’m very much interested in BUT I want to rent one for a day to see if it’s comparable to my 06 Avalon Limited in ride, comfort & fuel economy. Problem is the only Lexus dealer is in NJ & I’m about 26 miles away in NY, also they don’t rent but will take me on an “extended test drive”, whatever that is. I told them I’m NOT buying a $52,000 car without driving it for a day.

  • Superglider

    This is frightening. Toyota rarely gets it right when they try something “bold.” The FJ Cruiser is the only thing that comes to mind that would cause a positive stir for the last 10 years… and now, instead of changing it to make it better, they’re discontinuing it. Too bad they cant’ hire some designers from Hyundai. I’m hoping the new GM small trucks will be good enough to force Toyota to make a better Tacoma… but that’s not likely either. They seem to be the textbook example of “if it sells ok, leave it alone.”

  • Kevin

    ummm ft86?

  • bblackstone.

    If nothing else. I saw one of these sweet hearts going down the road.she looks tuff

  • Anti-Federalist

    You’re taking this way too hard. GM won’t lose any sleep because you won’t buy their cars and you should not feel sick for buying a German or Japanese car. Not all cars are made for all people. Buy what you like.

  • Evo Shift

    It’s the stupid and lazy “thinking” in your post that caused the downward spiral of OUR American auto industry. GM absolutely SHOULD lose sleep over losing a TWENTY YEAR LOYAL BUYER like me. If I can buy an American product that meets, or exceeds, the imports, I will every time. Unfortunately, the C7 Corvette is a FAILURE as a daily driver and has an ARCHAIC drivetrain in 2015. If Corvette wants to compete, it NEEDS a DCT ASAP. If Corvette wants to be a daily driver, it NEEDS the OPTION of AWD.