Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Could be Used as Home Power Source

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Could be Used as Home Power Source

The Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle concept is gaining a lot of attention at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, as the Japanese automaker is demonstrating how the FCV can power a home.

According to Toyota, the FCV’s electric motor is capable of producing over 100 kilowatts and with a full tank of hydrogen fuel it could generate enough energy to power a normal-sized home for a week. The automaker’s engineers are currently researching a safe external power supply that could be used on the vehicle for home consumption.

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While it’s not the main focal point of the FCV, Toyota has always been pleased with how its hybrid models have contributed as an emergency power source in the time of need. After Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the Prius was used in the country to help as a backup power generator.

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