Toyota Leads US in Recalls for 2013

Toyota Leads US in Recalls for 2013

Preliminary counts put Toyota on top of the list for most recalled vehicle in the United States for 2013. 

Since 2009 and the beginning of Toyota’s ‘unintended accleration’ recall campaign, the Japanese automaker has been on the top of the most-recall list every year except 2011. Last year, Toyota pulled in 5.3 million cars for a number of different issues, while Honda came in second after recalling 3.3 million vehicles.

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Many issues plagued Toyota’s vehicles this past year, with seatbelts and airbags being the leading contributors. The company recalled 342,000 Tacoma pickups for seat belt assemblies missing bolts and 752,000 Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles over the airbags inadvertently deploying. In one of the more interesting cases, Toyota called back 870,000 vehicles because spiders were making the airbags go off.

The official data on all 2013 recall numbers will be released by NHTSA in the coming weeks.

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  • Phil

    People love to talk about manufacturer’s cars that are being recalled, but what’s really scary, are the ones that don’t! safety recalls are mandatory, thats good, but other issues whether be electrical or mechanical aren’t systematically recalled, likely for cost reasons. As i previously worked in service/warranty departments for gm, mazda and volkswagen, i’d like to share just how many known issues affecting tons of cars aren’t being ”recalled” So when a company takes action in going ahead to recall and fixe potential issues before they even happen, i like to think that’s a good thing, and customers should be happy (that the manufacturers takes accountability) because a lot of them don’t for a lot of things. my two cents

  • walt501

    Do you realize Toyota was fined for foot dragging recalls and trying to hide defects?