Vehicles Axed in 2013

Vehicles Axed in 2013

Audi TT-RS

Five-cylinder engines are typically about as enjoyable as running a cheese grater across your genitals. They’re an off-kilter middle finger to physics and everything Newton stood for. The 2.5-liter unit Volkswagen recently euthanized was gritty, inefficient and moaned like a constipated camel. But they’re not all terrible.

The 2.5-liter fiver found under the Audi TT-RS’s hood belted out 360 turbocharged horses and screamed like a street-legal racecar. It was matched exclusively to a six-speed manual transmission. Power was sent to all four of the petite performance car’s corners via quattro all-wheel drive. Needless to say this was an enthusiast’s machine, and it sat at the top of the Audi’s TT lineup. We’re sad to see this steroidal car perish, but it’s a goner.

  • MistyGreen

    Wait a sec, the Tribeca came out as a 2013 model and is now out as a 2014.

  • Zack

    A simple list with descriptions and pictures is nice. I hate these slideshows you have to wait to load…

  • Verge Godemiché

    Regarding the Audi TT-RS, the article complains that 5-cylinder engines are not enjoyable and “go against physics.” Then it says the motor was fantastic in the TT-RS. Is your author schizophrenic?

    I seem to remember some awesome Audi Quattro 20-valve 5-cylinder rallye cars back in the 80’s. This motor is a VW-Audi staple. If I remember correctly Audi first employed the 5-cylinder engine in the 1976 Audi 100. Bullsh*t about “moaning like a camel.” I think they’ve got it working like a champ over the last 38 years.

  • ColumWood

    I believe Craig was complaining about the regular 2.5L 5-cyl used in the Golf and other cars. The Audi’s TT-RS’s 2.5T is amazing. We’re big fans!