VW Beetle Dune Concept is a Modern Day Dune Buggie

VW Beetle Dune Concept is a Modern Day Dune Buggie

Volkswagen just revealed pictures of the second concept car it will bring to this year’s Detroit Auto Show: the Beetle Dune.

As the picture above shows, the car is a higher-riding version of the Beetle compact car and in many ways is a modern day version of the classic Dune Buggie. It uses Volkswagen’s familiar 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 207 hp and a dual-clutch transmission. VW-Beetle-Dune-Concept-1[3]

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Aside from the increased ride height, the Beetle Dune concept has flared fenders, custom bumpers and different side sills to give it a more aggressive off-road appearance. The cabin also gets a series of changes including yellow accents and and a passenger handle in place of the glove box.

For now, Volkswagen isn’t suggesting that this could be more than a concept car to draw auto show eyeballs. This also isn’t the first time it has shown a “Beetle Dune” concept and it isn’t outlandish to think that this could morph into some sort of production variant later own the line should it be well received.

  • Chris Harlan

    VW, are you listening? I would like to order a convertible dune buggy today! Turbo charged with a six speed manual.

  • Rickers

    And a custom purse, for your tampons

  • Rob Bowman

    What do you mean?? That’s a Bad Ass Car!!