Volkswagen Edges General Motors for Second Place in Sales

Volkswagen Edges General Motors for Second Place in Sales

Volkswagen barely edged out its rival General Motors for second place in 2013 worldwide sales.

The German automaker sold 9.73-million vehicles last year while General Motors finished 2013 at 9.71 million. The title could be argued however, as Volkswagen’s figures include heavy-duty truck sales from its MAN SE and Scania AB units, leaving General Motors the second-best selling automakers in terms of light-duty vehicles. Volkswagen vows to become the world’s top automaker by 2018, but it’ll have to catch Toyota which ended 2013 with 9.98-million vehicles sold.

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Toyota was the top-selling automaker between 2008-2010 before GM regained the title in 2011 after the disasters in Japan. From 1931 through 2007, GM reigned as the world’s largest automaker.

One of Volkswagen’s main priorities this year is to get U.S. sales booming again now that Michael Horn has been named the new chief of the automaker’s U.S. operations. Volkswagen’s goal is to sell one-million VW and Audi vehicles in the U.S. by 2018.

“If we get the product, yes, we can meet the goal,” Horn said. “If we want to be really successful, we need to do more than this because to get the economies of scale, to get the engines, the drivetrains being produced here, that’s when you start to get away from the dollar-euro exchange rate issues … I think it’s a great strategy.”

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[Source: Detroit News]

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