Volvo Announces Cloud-Based Sensus Connect

Volvo Announces Cloud-Based Sensus Connect

Volvo is showing off its new, cloud-based Sensus Connect system at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Sensus Connect allows drivers to find and pay for parking from their car, discover new restaurants at their destination, stream their favorite music and more. The service also offers the first-ever solution with built-in connectivity supported by Pandora Radio.

In addition, it lets vehicle owners pre-heat or pre-cool their vehicles from their smartphones through a remote start function. The navigation system can also gather information on surroundings through Wikipedia while Park & Pay has been integrated for easy payment for parking.

The updated Sensus Connect will be available on all new Volvo models starting May 2014. Current Sensus Connect vehicle owners will be able to update their system.

“It’s all about giving everyone an enjoyable, easy to use and intuitive experience,” said David Holecek, Connectivity Brand Manager at Volvo. “There is no point in filling a car with technology if it comes off as overwhelming, so our main focus is always to give our customers the best experience available and make it easy to digest. Our cloud-based apps update seamlessly.”

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  • guest

    if the reviewer would have actually taken the time to learn the MMI and the bluetooth streaming Audio or the Google earth and google search, he would probably had said what  most journalist, say, that the Audi MMI is the best or one of the best infotainment system in the industry.

  • David Jervis

    I sell audi’s for a living and agree with those little annoyances you mention! I have an S5 cab in my driveway for the weekend right now and I used to work for BMW, I would take an S5 or S4 over a 335 anyday, especially when it comes to the latest gen 3 series

  • shawn

    “Outfitted with a Bang and Olufsen stereo system,
    it’s hard not to crank the music up, just to feel the rich bass
    reverberating through the cabin.” –
    I own this car with the B&O stereo system. Love the car, but Bass is the last thing you’ll get from the B&O system. This is a known issue / predicament. It’s an incredibly audiophile-worthy sound system, but I do enjoy music with bass and that’s where this system just falls flat and simply goes berzerk.
    I’m tired of these fluff articles that are obviously just trying to make their advertisers / car makers happy while being completely oblivious and downright dishonest about something so obvious. A simple google search will validate this experience with many owners of this car.