Young Buyers are Most Enthusiastic about Cars: Poll

Young Buyers are Most Enthusiastic about Cars: Poll

Contrary to the theory that younger generations aren’t interested in cars, new vehicle buyers who are 25 years old and under are actually more enthusiastic about their cars than the industry average a new poll has revealed.

The three key findings of a new JD Power report reveal that consumers 25 years old and younger are more interested in image and personalization, joy of driving and pride of ownership than the industry average.

Just 20 percent of new car buyers across all age groups responded that they like their vehicle to stand out, compared to 33 percent of respondents 25 years and younger. Additionally, 27 percent of young drivers want to equip their vehicles with custom options and features compared to just 20 percent of all respondents.

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Young people are also more partial to fun cars, with 22 percent of young respondents claiming that they like challenging drives, and 41 percent indicating that responsive handling and powerful acceleration were important, compared to the industry averages of 13 and 26 percent.

According to the report, all of these attitudes collectively have increased by an average of 9 percent since 2009, indicating a rise in interest.

Many factors are holding young people back from car ownership, including the current job market, the cost of owing a car and the growing amount of urbanization.

This report is the result of 32,612 principal drivers of recently purchased or leased new vehicles being polled. Only those that purchased their vehicle between May 2012 and April 2013 were polled.