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 |  Feb 04 2014, 9:45 AM

3. “V” for Versatility

3 V for VersatilityWith five doors, the Fiesta hatchback offers loads of room in a petite package. With the back seat locked in the upright position, the car offers nearly 15 cubic feet of space. Drop the rear bench and that number swells to nearly 25.5.

Unfortunately, the Fiesta’s cargo hold is not as useful as it could be. With the rear seats dropped the load floor is lumpier than a dirt road after monsoon season. The backrests don’t fold anywhere near flat, which results in a steeply angled surface that looks like a ski jump.

Honda’s Fit is a far more versatile subcompact. Its cargo hold serves up 20.6 cubic feet with the seat up and more than 57 with the backrest folded. Plus it’s got “Magic Seat” technology, which allows the lower cushions to flip and tumble like a Romanian gymnast, making it even more versatile.