2014 Honda Civic Hybrid Gets Small MPG Boost

2014 Honda Civic Hybrid Gets Small MPG Boost

The 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid and Natural Gas models enter the 2014 mode year with the same new content as other versions of the Civic and improved fuel economy for the hybrid. 

Last year, the Civic Hybrid was rated to deliver 44 mpg in all conditions, but the company said today that the car will return up to 47 mpg on the highway, boosting average fuel consumption by a single mile per gallon to 45 mpg. Fuel economy for the niche-market natural gas model stays the same at an average 31.

Like other Civics, they come with the company’s Lane Watch system that offers a wider view to the right of the vehicle through a camera mounted in the side-view mirror. That camera is connected to a screen in the dashboard that makes it easier for the driver to see up to two lanes to the right.

The cars also add Honda’s “Display Audio” system for 2014, allowing iPhone 5 users to use their handsets to power a  Honda-specific navigation app that costs $60 onto one of the car’s screens. It offers multi-touch controls just like the phone and a short list of other applications including Slacker Radio and Twitter integration.

Hybrid models start at $24,425 including delivery while the natural gas version comes in at $27,430. For the hybrid model, that represents a price increase of $275 while the natural gas Civic increased by $335.