2015 Subaru Outback Slated for New York Debut

2015 Subaru Outback Slated for New York Debut

It seems like Subaru is looking to bring a fresh new product at every Auto Show this year, with the new WRX STI shown off at Detroit, the Legacy sedan in Chicago and now the Outback is getting the nod for a New York debut.

News of the Outback’s arrival into the city that never sleeps came last night during a Subaru-hosted dinner but that was apparently quickly shot down by official Subaru PR reps.

However, according to an insider speaking to Wards Auto the news is indeed true and we can expect to see the new mid-sized crossover at the NY show.

Expect the five-seater crossover to sport many of the same mechanicals and features as the Legacy sedan being unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show.

Source [Wards Auto]

  • Russ D

    Wish they would stop making the Legacy Outback (or just plain Outback) as a mid size SUV.
    I like the less bulky look of the older model.
    The recent ‘updates’ have done nothing for interior size or MPG, and instead just make it look bloated and puffy.

  • René Bruce

    Exactly, I have a 1999 and payed $1400 for it, had 180k on it and took it 2,500mi down into Baja mex, 4×4 on super rough roads that they race on, and Subana rocked it.. I do not want a bloated new rig.. I will stick with my old gal !!!

  • StingRey

    Quit ‘yer whining, if the current Outback is too big there is the Forester. Still too big for your limp wrists? There is the Crosstrek. I own the current model & the only thing I miss from the old models is the Turbo XT. Hopefully the new model will bring the Turbo back AND retain the manual tranny. It is getting so hard to find stick shifts now-a-days, even as an option. If the new model doesn’t sport one, I guess I’m off to look at Jeep Wranglers & sadly leave the Subarus to the granola munching Kool-Aid drinkers.

  • friendtodawgs

    Russ D, I agree completely. Two years ago I wanted to buy a new OB but instead opted for a used one because the newer models are needlessly oversized. The 2009 OB is the perfect size. Surf Skis, bikes, building materials, camping gear dogs, you name it I’ve hauled it and I’ve NEVER wished it was bigger. Go back to making a wagon like 2009 and older and I’ll be the first guy at the dealer with my checkbook ready to buy. But until then. I’ll hang on to my oldy but goody.


    I test drove a ’13 Outback while shopping for my wife’s new car and hated it. It had a buzzy little engine and was boring to drive. I still love my ’05 OBXT (with a few mods).

  • kyle

    3rd gen FTW!

  • Damian Fournier

    The mpg has increased substantially over the 2009 and under smaller Outback, due mostly to the CVT transmission.

  • Russ D

    Plus I just like the old look better.

  • René Bruce

    09′ isn’t old for a subie, 99′ is pushing old 😉

  • J Mac