Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder to Drop its Top in Geneva

Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder to Drop its Top in Geneva

Like a dog staring lustily at his master eating a steak dinner we’ve been drooling buckets of slobber, pining for the Alfa Romeo 4C. Upping this car’s sexiness, the Italian Automaker will supposedly reveal a Spyder version of it at next week’s Geneva Motor Show.

Separating this model from its fixed-roof brethren is a removable top panel that allows driver and passenger alike to enjoy the open air. Additionally the car is equipped with carbon fiber roll bars for safety.

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Dressing things up, the Spyder version is expected to have different headlamps and unique wheels. Now, at this point we have no idea whether the Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder will debut as a concept or  a full-blown production model but we can’t wait to see it in Switzerland.

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