Audi Sport Quattro Likely to Get Green Light

Audi Sport Quattro Likely to Get Green Light

The Audi Sport Quattro is likely headed to production if the automaker’s chief engineer Ulrich Hackenburg has his way.

According to Hackenburg, Audi’s initial belief that the Sport Quattro would be a high-end boutique sports car has changed. Now, the thinking is that if the Audi Sport Quattro is offered with a wide range of powerplants, making it more affordable, the sports car will be profitable and a fine addition to the automaker’s lineup. According to Hackenburg, “it makes sense to use other engines,” in order to help cover the costs of setting up production as well as increasing volume.

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If the Audi Sport Quattro does get the green light, it will likely be positioned between the TT and the R8 in Audi’s sports car lineup. Expect it to make its production debut in 2016-2017 if it does get the nod from the higher-ups at Audi.

In other Audi news, Hackenburg also revealed that the R8 e-tron might not be completely off the table yet and the German automaker has worked to fine tune issues with its range and price. In fact, bringing the R8 e-tron to market is one of Hackenburg’s goals.

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