No Automatic Transmission for SRT Viper: CEO

No Automatic Transmission for SRT Viper: CEO

SRT Viper enthusiasts hoping for an automatic transmission to be added to the sports car’s lineup shouldn’t hold their breath.

SRT CEO Ralph Gilles has confirmed that the American automaker has no intentions of expanding the transmission offerings on the SRT Viper nor will it build a cheaper, entry-level model to compete in the marketplace. That means, don’t expect the SRT Viper to get a smaller engine than the V10 being offered now, at least not any time in the near future.

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Gilles does admit that adding a dual-clutch or conventional automatic transmission to the Viper’s lineup would increase volume and sales, but stands firm that the Viper is a “purist’s car,” and should be a “driver’s car,” which means it should naturally have a manual transmission.

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  • Anonymouse

    I highly doubt the “enthusiast” moniker applies if it’s an SRT Viper with an automatic transmission you’re after.

    More power to you, Mr. Gilles, for keeping the Viper for purists, even if dual-clutch transmissions shift quicker than a human does.