BMW Celebrates the Year of the Horse With a $458K M6

BMW Celebrates the Year of the Horse With a $458K M6

To help celebrate the Year of the Horse and BMW is contributing with a special M6 Gran Coupe Horse Edition that costs a staggering $458,000.

The German automaker will be doing several Horse edition models in China this year including for the 3 Series and 7 Series models. As for the M6 Gran Coupe Horse Edition, it will be limited to just six units in addition to 30 M5 Horse Editions that will be priced at about $326,700.

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While it doesn’t explain as to why they’re so expensive, the Horse Edition models feature a monogram of the Chinese character for horse on the headrests and includes the Competition Package, which bumps performance to 575 hp.

GALLERY: BMW M6 Gran Coupe Year of the Horse Edition


[Source: Bloomberg]

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