Bugatti Won’t Produce a New Car Until Veyrons Sell Out

Bugatti Won’t Produce a New Car Until Veyrons Sell Out

Volkswagen has a bit of a problem with its Bugatti supercar brand, sitting on nearly $85 million in inventory that it hopes it can unload quickly.

The Bugatti Veyron coupe sold out in 2011, and in December 2013, Bugatti revealed that it had about 50 vehicles remaining before the Veyron’s production would end. Currently, there are about 40 convertible models that remain and the French automaker has confirmed that it will not be moving forward on a new model until the current Veyrons have all been sold out.

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Recently, Bugatti launched its Dynamic Drive Experience in hopes of getting potential customers behind the wheel of a Veyron to get them excited enough to purchase. The program brings the Bugatti to the customer and according to the automaker, it is being offered to between 20 and 25 prospects per weekend.

Of course automotive enthusiasts are more interested in what Bugatti has up its sleeve next, but they could be waiting for quite a while.

“There will be no introduction on any new model until the Grand Sport and Vitesse are sold out,” said John Hill, Bugatti sales director for the Americas. “Even though we estimate we’ll be sold out within 12 months, I wouldn’t expect an announcement for a couple years down the road.”

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[Source: Bloomberg]

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