Cadillac ATS vs. Cadillac CTS vs. Cadillac XTS

Cadillac ATS vs. Cadillac CTS vs. Cadillac XTS

Ask AutoGuide No. 37

GM has been working to revive its Cadillac division for a decade and a half. After much hard work and many billions of dollars things are really starting to fall into place instead of falling apart. They’ve transformed the brand from an also-ran into a genuine competitor to German luxury hegemony.

For new-car shoppers, Cadillac offers three different sedans, a trio of scrumptious four-doors, each of which serves a specific segment of the market. The ATS is arguably the sportiest in this lineup; it’s also the smallest and most affordable. Stepping up from this entry-level model is the CTS, a more spacious car that’s the newest sedan in Caddy’s lineup. Capping things off and serving as de facto flagship for this brand is the front-wheel-drive XTS; think of it as a modern version of a 2000 DeVille, the very mention of which causes AutoGuide’s own managing editor Luke Vandezande (no, that’s not a made up last name) to wretch in digestive-system-emptying revulsion.

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For whatever reason Luke hates these old cars more than wearing socks or drinking blended Scotch whiskey; apparently he finds the technologically advanced Northstar V8 engine less appealing than a drywall smoothie or vacationing in Mogadishu, though we’re not sure why. Perhaps it has something to his Brooks Brothers fetish.

Comparing the small ATS to the middleweight CTS and the bulky XTS, which one is right for you? Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of these three Different Cadillacs; regrettably none of them have Northstar power, though fortunately they’re all a hell of a lot more enjoyable than a pint of Johnny Walker Red Label… for breakfast.

  • Bill

    I now drive a 2008 Lexus es350 , thinking about trading for a Cadillac don,t know which model would compare with the es350 . I have been totally satisfied with the Lexus . Should I switch brands or not. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

  • Yannie

    Don’t be dumb…..

  • NormT

    I just picked up a used XTS VSport Platinum and whoa. This car is quite spectacular. It has all options minus massaging driver seat and rear DVD player, but includes Opus full leather seating(Lexus have this?), leather on the doors and dash, and a full Alcantra headliner. The lighting package let’s you know at night you’ve made the right choice.

    I did a 700 mile round trip with the cruise control set at 65 mph and saw a rosey 32.2 mpg all highway. Very impressive for a car this size and power level.

    Recently revising the ecu and making 525 lb-ft of torque or about 156 lb-ft than stock from the factory. Now at 50-70 mph and punchingbit the steering wheel gets light, the needles for mph and rpms jump and stutter like a seismograph picking and earthquake and then it is hang on Sally as she rips down the road.