Cadillac ELR Ad Sticks it to Europe

Cadillac ELR Ad Sticks it to Europe

Cadillac has released a new commercial for its ELR, poking fun at the brand’s European rivals at the same time.

The ad asks the age-old question of, “Why do we work so hard?” Before poking fun of other countries where they “work, stroll home, stop by the cafe” and take the entire month of August off.

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It then goes on to mention some noticeable American achievements, such as landing on the moon and even throwing a nod to Bill Gates and the Wright Brothers. In other words, the commercial is all about American pride which is what the ELR is all about, or at least that’s the way Cadillac sees it.

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  • Jeff T

    To bad the Germans will laugh at what cars they make for the same price as this. Still a sweet ad.

  • Ben D

    Yeah the Germans aren’t making anything competitive in this segment for less than $130k. Nice try though

  • Jeff T

    How about the bmw i3?

  • silvrado

    I do not want to be seen in an i3.

  • Red Ride

    they need to do some fact checks as we are not the only ones on the moom

  • Ben D

    The i3 isn’t really on the same level of luxury or performance as the elr. My point is that the paradigm has shifted.

  • Jeff

    That was a horrible ad. The worst ad i have EVER seen in my life. What raw hubris and to sum up basically the meaning of life as greed and money. Embarrasing for my country and GM where I retired. I hope Cadillac never repeats the low class spirit of that creative flop.

  • Jeff T

    The BMW is 30 grand cheaper and 1500 pounds lighter so i’m not sure about performance and the i5 will soon be released. This ad should be by Tesla. Then it would be true!

  • Charles Ditzel

    The US is the only country who sent men to the moon and returned them. (That’s a fact). The astronauts left a moon buggy on the lunar surface. (fact).

  • Charles Ditzel

    I found it humorous .. if it makes you feel better … laugh and think of it as a parody.

  • whateverdude

    Only an idiot(A’muricans) would pay $75,000 for a Cadillac VOLT.

  • pdxdave

    I love it!

    Left a car on the moon with the keys in it. Why? Cause we’re the only ones going back.


  • pdxdave

    Ride Red said: “they need to do some fact checks as we are not the only ones on the moom”

    Maybe your beloved French went to the “moom”, but only Americans have walked on the moon… You know, the Earth’s satellite? That big piece of cheese in the sky? Yeah, that one.

  • pdxdave

    Internal combustion engines sucked at first, too.

    The learning curve for electric motors in automobiles is pretty steep, actually, in comparison to the learning curve for the internal combustion engine.

    I see your point, but I just don’t think the car industry is going to look back. Electrics are going to take more and more market share, and that’s a good thing.

    I just don’t think the government needs to be mandating anything. It’s not their job.

  • chavitz

    This is low iQ ad, indeed. When having all the patience watch till the very end, feel so dumb of it

  • ld1

    Love the ad. Have never owned a GM car but this plus the new CEO will prompt me to shop them.

  • chavitz

    Lot of evidence shows the US has never sent men to the moon. Go youtube to see the truth. Also, while Chinese landed a rover on moon last year, The US claims it has lost all its moon landing technologies, including the design, after so many times of the “great landing”. What happens to the US? Only truth is what the US claimed is totally false

  • anon

    Wow – that was an arrogant, small-minded piece of Bullshit. And you’d think with all that money, he could buy a suit that actually fit him instead of being a size and ahalf too small…

  • SKW

    I thought it was a great commercial! What a great idea – obviously the ad was
    meant to be over the top a little bit for the humor of it as well as to grab
    our attention. The featured ELR owner
    does walk right past his beautiful wife
    and family, but at least they are in the commercial unlike most car ads. I would agree that it would be nice to have
    an additional ad where the beautiful wife and family walk right past the
    husband to the car!

  • MTC29

    I thought that the crack about leaving the keys in the Lunar Rover was classic. No Caddy for me, I am striclty a BMW man…even if the Germans won’t make it to the moon.

  • Volvo FTW

    Ugly….n’est-ce pas?

  • Hugh Everett

    An economy comprised of olive oil, feta cheese, truffles, month long vacations, two years of unemployment benefits, single-payer health care, and lavish social benefits looks a lot like France or Greece.

    Evidently, marketing research shows that Cadillac buyers believe in hard work and self-reliance.

  • chavitz

    It’s very confusing ad. The price range of this electirical coupe and suggested lifestyle is very much related to a Porsche for the middle age crisis man , but the man still has two very young kids, not reaching middle age crisis status yet. Maybe Cady is looking for new market for this car—I am working hard, and right now I want to be alone with my car, ELR, for awhile.

  • Hugh Everett

    He’s a 50 year old man with daughters who are 12 and 13, so they were born when he was 37 years old. Maybe that’s his second wife? She looks like a 38 year old, hot, young trophy wife.

    Any guy with the financial wherewithal to waste $76,000 on an electric car that only works in the city has got to be living the exact same lifestyle.

    But the man is exactly correct about socialist slacker Euroweenies.

  • Stuart22

    Only works in the city? Clearly you don’t know a damn thing about what the ELR is capable of.

  • j f

    really horrible ad that represents the worst part of America.

  • j f

    Yeah, Germans make better cars, are more efficient workers and get 35 days of paid holiday each year mandated by law. One reason why they are so efficient is they work hard but then take time off to re-charge their batteries then go back to work.

    Unless Americans who work like slaves, never take holiday time (35% of full time workers get ZERO holiday time) and are less efficient.

  • MIke

    Jeff, you must SURELY have voted for 0bama.

  • fred

    this ad is a disgrace. I turn the channel whenever it comes on. i will never buy another GM car. it is a truly awful ‘ugly American’ display which also manages to stick in a dig at the less fortunate – as if working harder is all that it takes to achieve the opulence you want.

  • fred

    of course, because a truly classless ad such as this can only appeal to the arrogance of the GOP!

  • fred

    get real. Cadillac is still a garbage brand. this arrogant ad suits it.

  • fred

    yes and you know this because… you watch Faux News?

  • Pull it before it’s too late

    For one of the two car lines that GM sees as ‘global’ (Chevy being the other), you have to question the xenophobic, anti-foreigner vibe this commercial’s throwing out, especially during the Olympics.

    Yes, I suspect it’s ‘only running in the US’, but it’s all over the internet. GM’s got enough problems in Europe right now without turning the Ugly American nob up to eleven.

  • fuckGM

    this captures everything wrong with america. What a horrible commercial, I will never buy your product you fucking sellouts

  • Doug

    Are you kidding? This ad embrace everything that American was founded on. Hard work, you create your own luck.

  • Eddie

    If you’re offended by this then you are not Cadillac’s target audience anyway.
    The fact that every news media outlet is talking about means Cadillac won.

  • pniedent

    This is a truly terrible ad, but not because I do or do not want to purchase a Cadillac. Whether or not I am not the target audience, I do not want to see cliches about the US or France used in this way. It is tiring and incredibly poor taste; so if people who buy Cadillacs are supposed to have taste, by ok-ing this ad, they show that they don’t have it.

  • Kirk

    I love the ad. I own a cadilac now and this resonates. it captures what made us great. Having traveled the world I see how others look at our country and it’s prominence with envy.

  • cheongyei

    Coming soon. The wife in stiletto heels smashing down the accelerator pedal.

  • cheongyei


  • IamSwoboda

    If working my ass off and outworking someone else who happens to take time off because their government tells them they can makes me an “Ugly American,” then I don’t want to be pretty.

  • IamSwoboda

    Hard work is the worst part of America?

  • Greenpoint

    So move to France…

  • Greenpoint

    Move to France…

  • Greenpoint

    Move to France, n’est Pas?

  • Greenpoint

    Move to France, n’est pas?

  • Greenpoint

    I love everything about this commercial.It captures the spirit that makes America different before all of this social correctness and dependency crap. I started with nothing and worked my ass off as a minority and made something of myself without depending on the government for a free handout because I was less fortunate. America, put on your big boy pants and take control of your future instead of having it handed to you by elitist politicians who are as bad or worse than King George was during the revolution. They are enslaving America before our very eyes. Wake up, n’est pas?

  • HandsOffMyUterus

    Is that the only comeback you’ve got?

  • HandsOffMyUterus

    Only comeback you’ve got, n’est Pas?

  • HandsOffMyUterus

    Seriously. Get a new tag line, n’est pas?

  • micfly

    You will never buy another GM car because of a commercial??? Gee, I bet that limits all of your purchases down to zero.

  • TeslaRocks

    Yes, quite a superb ad but for two inconvenient details:
    1. Cadillac was named after a French guy who founded the city of Detroit (also a French name) probably while enjoying his ridiculously long vacation
    2. The brand only lives because it was bailed out by Uncle Sam
    3. The French know GM is shit which is why you can keep it!

  • EweSoWrong

    GM did exactly what you hate: got bailed out by the government!
    Yes, “elitist politicians” bailed it out because Rick Wagoner drove it to the ground.
    Your argument and idiotic “move to France” rhetoric would be less tragic if not so devastatingly ignorant.

  • Uncle Sam

    Hard work is the BEST part of America you dirtbag. If you don’t like it, move

  • tombomb

    So wrong; this commercial doesn’t stick it to Europe; it sticks it to every American who has to work for a living. You think the hot shots who run our corporations put in 50 weeks a year at the office? This commercial, like the oil industry setup where this dame comes out and tells you how great Chevron and Exxon really are, are both exhibiting the same attitude and saying the same thing: “You wannabe middle class schnooks are just way too stupid to understand how much we corps do for you. Be grateful and continue to work your asses off for chump change.”

    Basically saying, shut up and leave us (the 1%) alone.

  • raineecite

    This was a horrible ad that put me off ever considering a Cadillac. I don’t believe we are better off than Europeans and wish we had more time off to enjoy life. You can bet that the people who buy these cars are finding ways to have more time off than the average American./

  • Steve

    Rick Wagoner didn’t drive it into the ground. The unions drove it into the ground. By the time of its bankruptcy, GM had pension and health care obligations demanded by the unions over the years that it had no financial means to honor. You, sir, are the devastatingly ignorant one.

  • Norbert in Elk Grove

    Perhaps Cadillac is named after a Frenchman but he built it in America with Americans, why, because the French were taking August off and didn’t want to be bothered to build a great car. Americans made that car and did it better than anyone else. Do while you are enjoying your French vacation we Anericans are creating great things. Buggar Off with you!!

  • Matt

    China will beat us back to the moon. America is too busy spending money on pointless wars and corporate handouts to bother with scientific innovation.

  • zaglossus

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy like the blue eyed Wall Street robber baron in this ad.

  • zaglossus

    Oh god, France again, the favorite whipping boy of the “freedom fries” right wing. Oh wants to eat crappy French food. Is that what you’re implying?

  • needsavacation

    So what if America went to the moon. That doesn’t mean America is a superior country for these achievements and has nothing to do with people working an extra couple of weeks in a year. America should look at other countries as a positive example when it comes to fairness for all working citizens and promoting hard work with appropriate time off for oneself and their families. Also, the tax dollars used for pointless pursuits like going to the moon should be given back to its citizens through universal heath care that everyone can benefit from. Something that many other civilized countries do.

  • eat d

    You’re a liberal pussy

  • oh hi

    I’m not sure why it sticks it to France, honestly I thought of Italy.

  • eat d

    It does

  • Jack attack

    I can tell you the execs at my company work 60-80 hour weeks, perhaps not 50 weeks, but they put the time in.

  • Big dong

    GM didn’t get bailed out, the auto unions did.

  • Big dong

    GM would have been restructured if they didn’t receive a bailout, private equity would have purchased them, sold unprofitable divisions, and went IPO in years to recapitalize the company. Labor had much to lose, contracts would have been broken, pensions renegotiated, so the way I see it, labor got bailed out.

  • Ralph

    And healthcare, don’t forget that one.

  • Joe

    It’s America, I understand, it’s your public education.

  • Thought

    The fact your writing a comment on the web page is due to the computer or iPad and the internet, all of which are created by Americans. Technology created by defense spending, including NASA, such as going to the moon.

  • At

    What does the rest of their life look like when they abandon their families for work? Or maybe their divorced and never see their kids. Being a workaholic is not a virtue.

  • At

    Or they have to work extended hours to afford a $76,000 car! 🙁

  • goUSA

    Awesome ad! and the french also take July off by the way…no construction is allowed the entire month of August, by law. The french government also takes care of your healthcare, your pension, about 2 years of unemployment benefits, and for many jobs it is illegal to work more than 37.5 hours per week. Any one out there who wants to live the french way – fantastic, get out of here so someone who needs it can take your job, and move yourself to France. Taxes over there are 40%, PLUS another 20% sales tax on EVERYTHING YOU BUY (milk, cookies, iPhones and yes even French wine). So if you want to pay 60% tax – that means, keep 40 cents out of every dollar you earn…then of course, go root for the French. and give your USA job to a decent american who would prefer to work hard, save more, and buy STUFF (or whatever else they choose to do with their own money!).

  • Jim

    Two biggest drivers of federal debt ……
    Medical (medicare, medicaid)
    Lifestyle promoted in ad is the reason these two budget items so high. High stress lifestyle, not enough exercise, need lots of oil and other resources (military). Reminds me of Roman Empire.

  • JJDuru

    You must be tea party… Please, go f yourself.

  • 123

    Actually the computer and web were both created by Europeans. Just saying.

  • shillworthen

    Horrible, horrible, horrible ad. What a vile, revolting portrayal of Americans.

  • mHerrera

    When Cadillac builds a car as technologically advanced as a 1955 Citroën DS19 was in its day, your comment may become valid. A 1955 Cadillac was positively agricultural in comparison.

  • mHerrera

    And here I thought it was life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • mHerrera

    Oui, vraiment!

  • mHerrera

    Except for the fact the Chinese just landed a lunar mission with a robotic rover in December, 2013.

  • Steve Ayres

    That is a TINY Cadillac. I’ll stick with my Deville! I liked the ad, and it’s easily one of the better looking hybrids out there. But I’ll continue to own, and love, V8 engined vehicles until there’s no more gasoline or it’s too expensive for me to buy.

  • George Baily

    Global / online information availability means marketing like this which is based on poking fun at national stereotypes (even lightheartedly) to a local (assumed globally ignorant) US audience… is not going to work for very long… The US audience is actually not all that dumb (especially the ones who can afford Cadillacs), and the global audience just thinks, ho hum, annoying ad agency and annoying brand for not thinking smarter.

  • work-for-what?

    I am European and driving a Cadillac, certainly not again. Next will be high-end german Diesel which has more torque then any american V8 and gives 50 mpg at the same time. Who invented the Car, the Telephone, the Computer? It was all Germans! Only Italians take all August off, but they took over Chrysler. If this AD represents the typical Cadillac Ownwer, I want to trade mine.

  • Charles Passmore

    Your blowing smoke. What German diesel puts out more torque than ANY American V-8. Go drink some more beer and check your facts again. American quality and performance is leaving europeans in the dust, unless you want to pay 2-3 times as much and live in overcrowded conditions!

  • AtlantiSand

    Then go home where everything is rosy and everyone is a genius… Watch you don’t trip over that longer arm you use to pat yourself on the back. You also invented genocide – Nazi

  • AtlantiSand

    And how many ’55 Citroȅns are still around? And how many Europeans could afford that over engineered piece of garbage?

  • mHerrera

    Likely more survive than ’55 Cadillacs. But who cares? It is still considered one of the greatest cars of all time.

  • AtlantiSand

    You are exactly right! And folks in the US are becoming wise to what unions do to a factory – and the workers. First they inflate a paycheck then extort funds from it to keep themselves in power….sort-of like leftists in general.

  • mHerrera

    Native Americans might argue with your last point, you idiot.

  • AtlantiSand

    You are certainly one to be calling others an idiot! Again – go home since you are so superior and dislike your surroundings. Go home and sniff some more glue or whatever you’re high on….

  • mHerrera

    You know nothing about France, apparently. It is the 5th largest economy in the world and ranks very high in all measures of development. Higher than the US in many areas.

  • mHerrera

    “Home”? Ooooh, I get it. Back to Mexico, right? Nah, someone has to do the hard work that Anglo-Americans are too lazy to do. Your women sure are nice, though!

  • AtlantiSand

    You are wrong not only by sheer production numbers but also by acceptance as a practical automobile. Only their scarcity makes them ‘great’ to a collector. They’re a basic automobile designed for Europeans who wear a beret. The idea for a three wheeler was innovative but we don’t see that concept being utilized…over engineered and impractical.

  • AtlantiSand

    If you knew what you were talking about you would be worth more discussion but you seem to be quite sick. Are you handicapped in some way? Your attitude is as if you are very unhappy and a basic AH. You’re here consuming and then bitching about it…Go away sick-o!

  • mHerrera

    Oh, a fact-based argument. Excellent.

    The DS was manufactured for 20 years. I would say that indicates consumer acceptance. It was not a basic car (the 2CV was). It was the first to use a hydropneumatic suspension and disc brakes. It is still the gold standard for ride smoothness.
    It also had an auto-clutch and headlights that turned with the front wheels.

    It came in 3rd in Car and Driver Magazine’s “Car of the Century” balloting. And the DS had four wheels, by the way.

  • mHerrera

    I produce way more than I consume. And I am home, so how about you shove the “go home” nonsense where the sun don’t shine. It will keep your brains company.

  • Norman Armstrong

    twice the price of a Chevy Volt, same engine, same battery, just a pretty face. This will depreciate faster than a down elevator. Look for some heavily subsidized lease payments as the depreciation will be over $1,500 a month.

  • Hugh Everett

    Princess Diana would have lived if she had the same accident in the USA.

  • Jim

    Really well said !
    The word “vulgar” comes to mind also. A vulgar man. Shows a real “lack of breeding”. Doesn’t appreciate the concept of understatement

  • Jim

    Paul Fussell said it best in his book “Class”……

    “If your money and freedom and carelessness of censure allow you to buy any kind of car, you provide yourself with the meanest and most common to indicate that you`re not taking seriously so easily purchasable and thus vulgar a class totem. You have a Chevy, Ford, Plymouth or Dodge, and in the least interesting style and color. It may be clean, although slightly dirty is best.

    You may not have a Rolls, Cadillac or a Mercedes. . . . The worst kind of upper-middle-class types own a Mercedes, just as the best own elderly Oldsmobiles, Buicks and Chryslers, and perhaps Jeeps and Land Rovers, …………”

  • James

    I bought a Cadillac, I got bored. What did I do? I went back. Because I like boring.

  • Bobby B

    Bmw15 looks like a absolute gay garbage mobile, I mean butt ugly, just fugly next to a elr or a telsa for that matter ! Theres you sour kraut bad taste in car design for ya….. The germs auto bacteria infestation are being neutralized by Caddy like raid on a cockroach.

  • IamSwoboda

    Hey there US. You know there’s a question mark at the end of my sentence, which meant that I was arguing with j f and suggesting, as you did, that hard work is NOT the worst part of America. But hey, thanks for missing the punctuation and calling me a dirtbag.