Chevrolet to Offer Supplier Discount Next Month

Chevrolet to Offer Supplier Discount Next Month

Chevrolet is looking to move some metal. The bow-tie brand will start a national incentive campaign next month.

Buyers that visit a Chevy store in March will be eligible for supplier pricing on nearly every vehicle in the company’s lineup. This means customers will pay invoice price plus destination charges and a $150 program fee. On the surface this is good news for consumers but the move has raised a few eyebrows.

Is this a signal that the company is falling back into its old habits of giving away mountains of cash with every sale? Incentives eat into profits and can reduce a vehicle’s residual value down the road.

On the other hand sales have been tapering off industry wide, which has resulted in bloated vehicle inventory levels. GM may want to clear things out.

The Silverado plays a major role in these discounts; March is Chevy’s “Truck Month.” Pickups are huge cash cows, bullion bovines for automakers and the more they sell the more they rake in. With fierce competition from Ram and Ford, the segment is more challenging than ever before. Regrettably for GM their redesigned full-size trucks have not been selling all that well; this incentive program could be a move to jump-start deliveries.

 [Source: Automotive News]

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