Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial Features Bob Dylan, Celebrates American Pride

Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial Features Bob Dylan, Celebrates American Pride

Is there anything more American than America?

That’s how Chrysler‘s new Super Bowl ad starts. The third of three big spots purchased during the big game, it stars Bob Dylan who highlights the U.S. auto industry and puts the spotlight on the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan.

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Dylan asks you to get your beer from Germany, your watch from Switzerland and your electronics from Asia, but says “we will build your car.”

The video ends with the tag line “America’s Import,” a unique choice considering Italian automaker Fiat just completed its acquisition of the American automaker.

Watch the full spot below and let us know; did Chrysler’s super bowl ad win you over?

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  • kitty godfrey

    If we could just extend that notion of ‘American pride’ to lending your celebrity for helping to uphold our crumbling American civil liberties under the Constitution, after “911’s” (what many now believe to be), an intentional effort to erode them, Bob, and a president that resembles-(is) a fascist (puppet) dictator-eg., who threatens he’ll declare war with or without Congress, who signs illegal exec. orders, routinely kills scores of innocents (including children) in Pakistan and Yemen with his drone strikes, and lies to the American people on steady basis- instead of pushing some kind of phony, corporate ad slogan to sell more cars! What’s in it for you, Bob, is what I want to know? and how dies it improve our declining morale in times like these? Huh?

  • spellbuster

    whatever the logic this is the most extreme example of psychological enticement/control/manipulation ever produced and a very sad day for many fans who can see the tragic irony here and just another day for those that can’t see the problem…

  • kitty godfrey

    Cognitive dissonance in the truest sense of the term my friend.