Fisker Karma Production to Resume Within a Year

Fisker Karma Production to Resume Within a Year
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Production of the Fisker Karma might finally resume within a year under the company’s new Chinese owners.

Under its previous management, Fisker sold a scant 1,800 units before stopping production. The company planned to sell about 11,000 vehicles by early 2012. Production will resume at the same plant in Finland as early as this year, although parent company Wanxiang isn’t certain what sort of volume it will target.

“Obviously we want to sell more than what Fisker sold before under its previous management,” head of Wangxiang’s U.S. operation Pin Ni told Reuters.” If sales gain momentum, the company says it could quickly start building cars in the U.S.

Sales here are the primary target for now, but later Fisker will turn its attention to the Chinese market. When its vehicles were last on sale, the company charged over $100,000 per Karma sedan.