Five Reasons Ford’s Switch from Microsoft to Blackberry QNX is a Good Thing

Five Reasons Ford’s Switch from Microsoft to Blackberry QNX is a Good Thing

Connected Car Consortium:

Some people don’t see the need for an infotainment system in the car, especially when there’s such a powerful little computer in everyone’s pocket in the form of a smartphone. The dream is to mirror the function of your smart-phone on your car’s main display. That dream is in the process of being realized, thanks to something called the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and MirrorLink.  The CCC is a group dedicated to bringing a global standard for phone-centric car connectivity.

MirrorLink is the first technology standard created that can control a smartphone from a car’s steering wheel or dashboard buttons and screens. The technology leverages a vehicle’s controls and displays to give consumers access to their smartphone apps while driving, allowing them to be connected and responsible at the same time. Honda currently offers this kind of connectivity in the new 2014 Honda Civic. By using their iPhones, car buyers don’t have to opt up to get a dedicated navigation package for their new compact car.

Many automakers are part of the CCC, including GM, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mazda, Fiat, Renault and Honda. One name not on the list is Ford. However, quite a few tech-companies are part of the CCC as well, including QNX. This means that vehicles using QNX (including future Ford vehicles) could be capable of MirrorLink functionality as well, giving drivers access to their smart-phone while on the road.

  • iDefect

    Really great article, thanks for putting time into a smart, well written informative piece. Opinions actually based on facts, something that seems so hard to find lately from technology writers.

  • JimDog

    I work for a medical device company that used to use Qnx. We switched to VxWorks a while back. Not a knock on Qnx at all, at the time it was a financial decision. I’m glad to see Qnx found a market where they can thrive.

  • narg

    Hopefully they don’t do this. Blackberry will die sooner than later, leaving Ford with an unsupportable mess on their hands. If they must move from Microsoft, they should go Android.

  • Brian

    For all you keyboard bashers out there, QNX is was born long before Bill Gate’s father was even considering Bill Jr. QNX was invented in Canada at the University of Waterloo by a group of scientists who needed a robust operating system, I wrote to QNX when it was started up as a private company and received a single 1.44 Mb floppy that contained the entire operating system, all of the utilities, which included a word processor, spreadsheet, and communications package.
    That was it, and there was room left over on the floppy, it ran on a 286 computer quite fast. I asked if there was any planned upgrades, they wrote back and said it would fill all of their needs for the foreseeable future. They went on to provide the software for all of Frances telephone system, all of Australia’s postal services, and it runs on most of the big three’s manufacturing plants, controlling their manufacturing systems. Informatics? that is like an asking an astronaut, if he can fly an Cessna.

  • itzjustmeh

    You don’t know much about OS, do you? If a system is poorly designed, there is no point in trying to fix it. Just because a company has a currently a bad name, doesn’t mean it has bad products. Besides, QNX is being used by a few other car manufacturers as well, surely Audi and Bently aren’t that stupid to use a crap system?