Flashing Headlights to Tip Speed Traps is Free Speech: Federal Judge

Flashing Headlights to Tip Speed Traps is Free Speech: Federal Judge

A St. Louis, Miss. federal judge has ruled that flashing headlights to warn oncoming traffic of police speed traps is protected as free speech.

U.S. District Court Judge Henry Autrey of St. Louis issued a preliminary injunction stating that flashing headlights is protected by the First Amendment and has ordered the Ellisville Police to halt the policy of issuing out tickets regarding the issue.

“If you’re at the gas station on the corner and someone says ‘hey be careful over there, there’s a speed trap,’ that’s protected speech,” American Civil Liberty Union attorney Tony Rothert said. “You can’t be ticketed for that. This is no different.”

The case revolves around Michael Elli, who in November of 2012 was pulled over for flashing his headlights and a judge ruled that the fine would be $1,000.

[Source: Fox 2 News]

  • Red Raspberry

    I wonder what the charge was for the $1000 fine?

  • Disqus11111

    Possibly Evading a traffic device or obstruction. Both can carry a heavy fine.

  • Red Raspberry

    That would be a stretch. No different pyhsically than flashing your hi beams to someone approaching with their hi beams on.

    Obstruction of justice was the probable bogus charge. More like obstruction of dubious tax collection.

  • BuzzLOL

    . They get upset/angry around here also if you try to avoid their corruption…