Ford F-150 Sparks Aluminum Demand Spike

Ford F-150 Sparks Aluminum Demand Spike

Ford may be one of the first automakers to use aluminum on the majority of one of its mainstream models, but it surely won’t be the last.

Ford’s willingness to use the lightweight material on its best-selling F-150 pickup has caused the rest of the automotive industry to take a closer look at automotive-grade aluminum, in hopes that it too can help put their vehicles on a diet. Novelis, the world’s largest supplier of aluminum sheets for the auto industry, is seeing a huge increase in demand.

“There isn’t an automotive manufacturer that makes vehicles in North America that we’re not talking to,” Novelis head of north american business Tom Boney said.

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Ford has locked up much of the supply of the aluminum used on automotive vehicles for its 2015 F-150 and aluminum manufacturers, such as Novelis, are looking to add capacity. The material is already the number-two material used in automobiles, but with now with aluminum-bodied vehicles on the horizon, usage and demand is expected to increase at a record pace.

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[Source: Detroit News]

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