Google Lobbies Legislators to Leave Glass Alone

Google Lobbies Legislators to Leave Glass Alone

Google is trying to sway lawmakers from banning its Glass mobile computing device off of driver’s faces.

Lobbyists are at work in at least three states, trying to keep laws from coming into place that would restrict use from behind the wheel. U.K. lawmakers quickly banned drivers from using the devices last year. In the U.S., the issue is still undecided. A San Diego woman fined for using Google Glass had the charge dismissed because there was not evidence that the device was running at the time.

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Google’s argument is that passing legislation on the technology would be premature because it isn’t available on the market yet. The technology serves as a small computer screen attached to an eyeglass-like headset and opponents say it could be too distracting for drivers.

“We find that when people try [Glass] for themselves, they better understand the underlying principle that it’s not meant to distract but rather connect people more with the world around them,” Google said in a statement.

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At least eight states are currently considering laws to target technology like Google Glass. Meanwhile, Mercedes has already began development of a new in-car app that uses the technology. For example, Mercedes hopes Glass users would be guided to their cars, at which point the car’s navigation system would take over until being parked. Once the driver leaves the vehicle, they would be guided to their destination on foot.

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