Honda Accord Steals Camry’s Best-Seller Title… Sort of

Honda Accord Steals Camry’s Best-Seller Title… Sort of

Honda’s Accord out-sold the Camry in 2013 if you ignore Toyota’s fleet sales.

Honda just announced that its Accord mid-size sedan beat the Toyota by selling 360,089 units to individual customers in 2013 compared to 342,007 for the Camry excluding fleet sales. Counting sales to companies that use the Camry as a fleet vehicle, Toyota sold 408,484.

Most of Honda’s sales are to individual customers. The company’s strategy to avoid boosting numbers with fleet sales can serve to help build customer loyalty in the long run because fleet sales can hurt the residual value of a vehicle. Fleet sales are also less profitable to manufacturers.

“Our focus on retail sales to individual buyers has a direct correlation to the high resale value of Honda products, which is a key factor in the value proposition for our customers,” said Honda sales executive vice president John Mendel.

Honda launched its new Accord for the 2013 model year compared to the current Camry, which arrived for the 2011 model year.

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  • The Toyota Camry was redesiged for 2012, not 2011. It always gets redesigned 1 year before the Accord. Same with the Nissan Altima

  • Mick

    Why are Toyota’s resale values high then? Not that I am saying Honda shoudl do fleet sales.

  • Mustang Dan

    The better question is… why does anyone want to buy a Toyota.

  • Matt M.

    Short term success does not equate to long term success. Especially in today’s automotive market.

    Give how Honda devastated their entire lineup of vehicle, even the Acura line, I would not say Honda is back in business of producing vehicles worth taking a second look at.
    I want to see numbers of an Accord with 100k plus miles to see how well it stands the test of time. Then I might look at Honda seriously.

  • Matt M.

    Because Toyota has a proven tack record of success with the Camry which Honda is squarely taking aiming at……comparing itself to.
    Resales value of a Camry is much better than the Accord.
    PS I’m not a Toyota product owner at the present but am very familiar with how Honda of America treats it’s customers in an unprofessional manner.
    Hence no more Honda’s for me and the family. I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way towards Honda given the forums I visit.

  • Star Man

    Where does the “short term” success conclusion come from? They have had long term success in sales for over 25 years through many periods I’ve heard people say “this ones not worth looking at”.

  • McLuvin

    I was a loyal Honda only buyer. I bought four in a row. That ended with a not so great 2007 Odyssey and a dealership when they wouldn’t fix a power steering problem under warranty. They told me it was normal and wouldn’t budge. I got the recall almost a year later and they fixed it. When I told the manager that I wouldn’t be buying a Honda again he arrogantly shrugged it off. Dick. Honda can suck it. I like my Nissan.

  • Mick

    You stopped buying Honda’s because of that one incident?

  • Cliff

    The Camry was introduced for 2012. Not 2011.

    And this article pretty much nailed it. Toyota has a record of selling to fleet managers which DOES hurt residuals. I wasn’t able to get top dollar when I wanted to trade in my 2013 Toyota Corolla. All the quotes I got were thousands below book value. They just didn’t want to pay that much for it so I ended up selling it to Carmax and take out another loan for a newer car. Never again will i buy a Toyota until they can resolve their “fleeting” issues. I think everybody would appreciate a car that they can drive exclusively. That feeling goes a long way.

  • longo

    “Mick” perhaps you should read up on ‘Honda Odyssey transmission troubles’ that have gone on for years. There are forums full of angry Honda/Acura owners who end their horror stories the same way..”I will never buy another Honda product” (including me)

  • Shiratori90

    Keep on trolling buddy…….

  • Shiratori90

    Total baloney…….

    There are a plethora of Accords on the road with more than 100K. Anyone who isn’t aware of that and makes the “argument” that Hondas don’t last is an idiot.

  • eimaj

    Honda Accords have been having automatic transmission problems for decades. How can the demand for and resale value be so high considering their constant and biggest weakness in those cars? I personally have known many accord owners with transmissions that dont shift and/or get into all gears even with low mileage. This is a span of 3 generations of hondas since the late 80’s well into the 90’s. Ive learned that is been continuing into this cntry too.
    ALSO Hondas in general (mainly accords and civics) haven been the easiest and most stolen cars in the country since atleast the early 90’s which = HIGH INSURANCE RATES. Why would you want to buy or own a Honda?