Honda, Bruce Willis Start a Hugfest During Super Bowl

Honda, Bruce Willis Start a Hugfest During Super Bowl

While most automakers traditionally go big and bold for their Super Bowl ads, this year, Honda took a simpler and more meaningful approach.

Just two years ago, Honda employed the talents of Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick to show off its Acura NSX concept, but this year, it focused on safety and grabbed the help of actor Bruce Willis. The commercial, titled “Hugfest,” has Willis asking viewers to hug their family and friends while comic actor Fred Armisen embraces him. He then talks about how Honda has more top safety rated vehicles than any other automaker.

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While Honda is the leader in safety, not very many consumers are aware of that. The Japanese automaker hopes to start spreading that message and the Super Bowl ad does it in a meaningful, touching way.

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