Honda Insight Hybrid Put Out to Pasture

Honda Insight Hybrid Put Out to Pasture

Honda is discontinuing its Insight hybrid after more than a decade of lackluster sales. 

Sales lagged far behind the Toyota Prius, which is now the industry benchmark for dual-powered cars. According to Toyota said it has sold 3.19 million Prius hybrids since its introduction compared to 280,629 for the Insight. In November, Honda told its dealer network that production of the vehicle would stop this month, Honda spokeswoman Yuka Abe told Bloomberg.

The Insight is technologically less advanced than the Prius and returned less impressive fuel economy. It uses Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system that requires the engine to be running at all times to power the car. Honda also stopped selling the Insight in 2006 but brought it back in 2009.

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It isn’t clear if Honda plans to introduce a new Insight to replace the discontinued model. But if Honda chose to do so, it could be a much more efficient and competitive product. The 2014 Accord Hybrid uses a two-stage hybrid system that can run without using the onboard gasoline engine to return much better fuel economy. In total, the company has five hybrid models.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • ScooniePenn10 .

    It’s about time. Next up, the clusterf’k crosstour…

  • Shiratori1

    Troll comments (see above) aside, I am not surprised, given the very impressive Accord Hybrids and the possibility of the Fit Hybrid becoming available here. Hopefully (with their new powertrain) they will offer a direct answer to the Prius in the future.

  • ScooniePenn10 .

    I agree with your assessment of Honda’s new hybrid system but I still sand by Honda’s need to stop force feeding the US with the Pontiac Aztek-inspired Crosstour.

  • danwat1234

    Honda’s IMA doesn’t require the engine to be running at all times, though it is on more often than the Prius.

  • danwat1234: The IMA DOES require the gas engine is running whenever the car is being powered. The gas engine can shut off when coasting to a stop (below 19mph) and when at a stop, though even then it doesn’t always shut off depending on conditions. It is NEVER powered solely by the electric motor.

    While it is definitely a compromise, I own a 2011 CR-Z and I LOVE IT! My previous two cars were a Mini Cooper S and a Miata, and while the CR-Z doesn’t handle like the Miata or accelerate like the Mini S, it does both well enough to be fun to drive while getting half again better gas mileage as either. I didn’t change my driving style one bit and I get just shy of 40mpg in my manual shift CR-Z, where the Miata averaged 28 and the Mini a miserable 23 with me at the wheel. I use an on-line tracking service to monitor gas mileage, so I know my exact usage over the past 3 years. To me, this car is a great success for Honda, and I only wish the automotive press could get off their high horses for a while and see that.


  • Mike F.

    @danwat1234:disqus: The Honda IMS DOES infact require the gas engine to be running whenever the car is being propelled. It will shut off coasting below 19mph or stopped at traffic lights.

  • Shiratori1

    1. No one is forcing you to buy the Crosstour. 2. I stand by my assessment of your previous comment and consider this comment to fall under the same category (TROLLING).