Infiniti QX50 vs. BMW X1 vs. Volvo XC60

Infiniti QX50 vs. BMW X1 vs. Volvo XC60

Suggestion #1 – 2014 Infiniti QX50

It’s Japanese and it’s got room for at least four passengers; the Infiniti QX50 pushes a lot of the right buttons. The crossover formerly known as “EX” is both compact and sporty, delivering an engaging on-road experience along with a healthy dose of luxury.

Thanks to its rear-wheel drive architecture and a powerful engine the QX50 is ready for action. All versions are energized by a 3.7-liter V6 that pushes out a muscular 325 HP along with 267 LB-FT of torque. The powerplant is matched to a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Infiniti QX50 Engine

Standard amenities are many and varied. This Infiniti comes with things including automatic head lights, fog lamps, leather trimmings and a six-speaker audio system complete with a USB port. Additionally passengers are treated to dual-zone climate control.

The QX50 also offers an eight-way power driver’s seat and a four-way electrically operated passenger chair. Strangely butt-warmers are not standard, though heated outside mirrors are. Figure that one out. This vehicle also has a tilt and telescopic tiller, electroluminescent gauges and a tastefully designed analogue clock.

Along with sporty dynamics and a premium cabin this Infiniti crossover checks another mission-critical box on Jalpa’s shopping list: it dovetails with her budget very nicely. An options-free QX50 stickers for $35,745 including $995 in shipping and handling fees. Naturally if she wants a moonroof, all-wheel drive or an automatically dimming rear-view mirror, she should plan of shelling out extra cash.

Generally speaking, sporty performance comes with increased fuel consumption and this Infiniti crossover is no exception to the rule. The QX50’s most significant downside is economy; it’s not terrible but it does fall a bit short of Jalpa’s 30-mile-per-gallon target. The vehicle stickers at just 17 MPG city and 25 on the interstate. These figures result in a combined score of just 20 miles per gallon.

But there’s one other potential downside she should also be aware of. While delivering a dumpster-load of driving fun the QX50 is not all that practical. Cargo space is quite limited at less than 19 cubic feet with the second-row seats up. If she desires a vehicle that excels at making trips to Costco she’ll have to look elsewhere.

Perhaps the best news is that a new QX50 is due out soon so with this model in low demand, getting a deal should be easy.