Jaguar F-Type Targa Under Consideration

Jaguar F-Type Targa Under Consideration

A Jaguar F-Type Targa model is under consideration according to the British automaker’s design head, Ian Callum.

Callum hinted that a Targa model with a retractable hard-top roof has been sketched up and Jaguar could go forward with the variant to compete against the Porsche 911 Targa model. The biggest obstacle a Targa model has to overcome in order to get the green light, however, is volume. And though it’s under consideration, the British automaker is well aware that Porsche sees only 10 percent of its sales being Targa models. And with Jag’s sales just a fraction of Porsches, a production Targa seems like a stretch.

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Jaguar however is working on “three of four cars at the moment,” Callum also revealed. First of those vehicles will likely be a competitor to the BMW 3 Series, which will make its debut next year. After that, Jaguar will follow it up with a production version of the C-X17 SUV, which is likely to be called the Jaguar XS.

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