Lincoln MKZ ‘Date Night’ Program Continued

Lincoln MKZ ‘Date Night’ Program Continued

Lincoln has brought back its “Date Night” promotion in hopes of garnering interest on its MKZ sedan.

The Lincoln Date Night (LDN) is being billed as a premium luxury experience that allows interested buyers a 24-48 hour test drive with the MKZ, which also includes dinner for two at a restaurant of your choice, up to $100 in value. Participation to the program is by invitation only. Previously, Lincoln used its “Date Night” program to appease frustrated customers who pre-ordered an MKZ only to wait though months of delays as the company dealt with quality issues.

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Those that are eligible will have to arrange the Date Night experience through the American automaker before picking up their MKZ and receiving a $100 Visa gift card for the dinner. According to the program’s website, there’s no obligation to buy a vehicle or to attend a sales presentation with the program.

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