London City Center May Ban Older Gas and Diesel Cars

London City Center May Ban Older Gas and Diesel Cars

Driving in downtown London may be getting a little more difficult. There’s talk of banning older cars from parts of the UK capital if they don’t meet certain emissions requirements.

A proposed Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) covering the city center would bar certain privately-owned vehicles. Diesel-powered cars that don’t meet the EU6 standard and gasoline-burning models that fall short of EU4 requirements could be blocked.

Early last year it was announced the city intended to implement ULEZ restrictions in central London by 2020 and the above restrictions appear to be one step on the road to achieving this goal.

The gist of this plan is that diesels registered before 2014 and gasoline vehicles registered before 2005 would not be able to drive in the city center. A meeting was held last November and this proposal was overwhelmingly supported by “stakeholders” (whoever they are), though it’s hard to believe the average Briton would support such restrictions.

Understandably there are concerns about the proposed ban. People are worried they could extend the restricted driving zone beyond central London, trapping many more drivers in an ever-widening net of exclusion.

[Source: Autocar]

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