Mazda and Lexus Have Lowest Cost of Ownership

Mazda and Lexus Have Lowest Cost of Ownership

Two Japanese automakers stood out in this years cost of ownership awards, with Mazda and Lexus winning the titles for featuring low entry prices, excellent fuel economy and high-resale value.

Kelly Blue Book studied the cost of ownership of a vehicle, providing a price for consumers at the five-year mark. Despite the fact that no Mazda vehicles topped any category, the organization recognized Mazda’s excellent value of offering cheap, reliable and fuel efficient vehicles.

When it comes to luxury vehicles, Lexus wins the overall luxury brand award from KBB. The Lexus LS was named the most affordable high-end luxury car with a relatively low five-year cost of ownership of $79,571. The Lexus RX450h was also named the most affordable Hybrid Luxury Crossover.

The cost-of-ownership number comes from analyzing a few key factors including a models’ fuel economy and insurance rates as well as the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Source: KBB