Mazda2 Crossover Launching in Japan in 2014

Mazda2 Crossover Launching in Japan in 2014

Mazda is preparing to launch a new crossover in Japan this year, based on the sub-compact Mazda2.

The small crossover/SUV segment is one of the few growing markets in Japan, with sales climbing 7.2 percent last year while overall vehicle sales remained stagnant. The new crossover will share design elements with the CX-5 and will have a diesel powerplant available as an option.

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The new model will be priced at around $14,500 and the Japanese automaker also plans to sell the model in Europe and other emerging markets where compact cars are becoming more popular. The company also plans to launch its new CX-9 large SUV in Japan as early as 2015 with three-row seating up to seven.

In addition, the Mazda2 will get a complete overhaul for the 2015 model year, which is expected to be unveiled this summer.

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[Source: Nikkei]

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