McLaren 650S Officially Revealed

McLaren 650S Officially Revealed

After initial images leaked out, McLaren has released full resolution photographs and detailed specifications about its latest model, the 650S.

The latest model in the McLaren lineup the 650S slots in above the 12C and below the P1 supercar, combining elements of both cars into one impressive package.

The name itself refers to the engine output, which has been raised 25 hp over the 12C to 650 hp, while the S stands for Sport. Like the other McLaren cars, the same powerplant is used, a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine.

A more dramatic change comes in the car’s styling, which borrows heavily from the P1 and which McLaren says previews a new design language for the brand – the 12C being criticized for less than dramatic bodywork compared to rival Italian brands. In particular, there are new LED headlights, a more integrated front splitter designed to increase downforce, while new door blades help direct air around the car. In total, the 650S is as aerodynamic as the 12C with the same drag coefficient yet with a 24 percent increase in downforce at 150 mph.

Additional aerodynamic technologies include a new Airbrake. An improvement upon the Airbrake found on the 12C model it doesn’t simply engage under braking, as in that car, but whenever the car determines additional downforce on the rear end is required.

Also included in the package are unique lightweight wheels fitting in custom MC1 branded tires developed by Pirelli.

Set to make its world premier at the Geneva Motor Show in March, McLaren will announce performance stats for the 650S at that time. Both coupe and spider models will be offered with sales starting in Spring 2014.

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