Michael Schumacher Not Responding to Stimuli

Michael Schumacher Not Responding to Stimuli

Despite some reflex twitches, Michael Shumacher remains in a coma, and has not been responding to doctor’s deliberate attempts to wake him up. 

According to German tabloid Bild, Schumacher’s anesthetic has been reduced in an attempt to wake him up from the coma. This has lead to some reflex twitches, but Schumacher has not been responding to direct stimulus.

When he was brought in, doctors induced Schumacher’s coma to reduce brain activity, helping him to heal quicker, and they have already said that it could take weeks before all of the drugs stored in his body are cleared out.

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At the request of his doctors, Schumacher’s wife has remained by his bedside and continuously speaks to the former F1 driver, as doctors believe familiar voices can help patients who are in a coma.

[Source: Bild]


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