MINI Lineup Shrinking to Five Models by 2020

MINI Lineup Shrinking to Five Models by 2020

Expect fewer MINI models to be available in the British automaker’s lineup when the brand enters its fourth generation.

According to BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer, MINI will shrink its lineup to just “four or five hero cars,” when the fourth generation of MINI models debut at the end of the decade. The third-generation MINI was recently launched and already the automaker is looking on how to improve for the next iteration by focusing on lesser models while finding ways to differentiate them more from one another.

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Schwarzenbauer hinted that MINI’s hero cars will be a three-door hatch, a convertible sister car and a proper SUV. In addition, MINI models could grow in the future, becoming longer than today’s Countryman while a SUV could arrive by 2017.

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[Source: Autocar]

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