NHTSA Announces Mandatory Label for Recall Letters

NHTSA Announces Mandatory Label for Recall Letters

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is making a new label mandatory on all letters that notify car owners of recalls. 

Starting February 18, all manufacturers must affix the new label to any mail that is sent to notify owners of recalls. This is to ensure that consumers don’t mistake the mail for something less important and mistakenly discard it.

Only manufacturers issuing official NHTSA recognized recalls can use the label, which will also help customers distinguish legitimate safety recalls from other gimmicks that are aimed at customers purchasing upgrades that are not necessary.

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The new label is part of a number of new tools launched by NHTSA to make sure customers are fully informed of safety recalls. NHTSA has also rolled out a new app that allows customers to get safety and recall information about their vehicle, straight from their phone.