Porsche Reportedly Halts Sale of GT3 Over Fire Risk

Porsche Reportedly Halts Sale of GT3 Over Fire Risk

Sales of the Porsche 911 GT3 have reportedly been stopped as the German automaker investigates a possible fire hazard with the sports car.

Photos of a Porsche 911 GT3 burning have surfaced on the St. Gallen police website in Switzerland, and according to the report, the driver “perceived strange noises from the engine area,” prompting him to exit the highway. After stopping the car, he noticed oil leaking from the rear engine along with smoke and a short time later, the Porsche caught on fire.

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According to an administrator at Porsche Club Campania in Italy, another relatively new GT3 had its low oil pressure warning light go off before that vehicle also caught on fire. It is being reported that a total of five 911 GT3 sports cars have burned down in Europe and the German automaker is looking into the issue.

AutoGuide reached out to Porsche for comment and confirmation, but Porsche has yet to respond.

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  • Transpower

    Uh, stick with the Porsche Cayenne!

  • Dale

    It is a shame there is no coverage of the over 100,000 internal combustion engine fires each year.