Scion FR-S Variants in Doubt Due to Poor Sales

Scion FR-S Variants in Doubt Due to Poor Sales

Given how popular the Scion FR-S is with the automotive media, including ourselves, it might come as a surprise that sales of the sports car aren’t exactly impressive.

In a recent interview, Vice President for Toyota European R&D, Gerald Killmann confirmed that variants for the Scion FR-S aren’t getting the nod by execs due to poor sales worldwide. The FR-S, known as the GT 86 in other markets, is behind its sales targets in all major markets, leaving a more powerful variant or even a convertible model in doubt.

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“A faster version of that car would be at the top of most people’s wish lists, but like the cabriolet, it is hard to justify a business case to push either model into production based on the current sales,” said Killmann. The Japanese automaker itself is unsure as to why the FR-S is experiencing slow sales, but even Killmann acknowledge that it could use more power under the hood.

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  • David Swieboda

    Maybe if Toyota’s dip shit ass would introduce this slow as piss car for 2-3k less and give it a little more power like 210 then maybe people would buy it. Hell a genesis coupe is way better value that this junk

  • Disqus11111

    What a bunch of morons running the show. They’ve got it backwards. Ask them if the chicken or the egg came first.

  • Will

    Idiotic. In this price range it only needs a little more power – either a bigger 2.5L or a turbo 2.0L.

    I was holding out for an engine upgrade for the 2015 model but if they don’t come up with something I’ll just shop elsewhere. Tired of their maybe/maybe-not drama.

  • cmitch

    put a real engine in that car and it would sell come on toyota and subaru… sti would be good speed sells in a car like that ..

  • dillon

    First mistake – Subaru join with Toyota, Second mistake – 3 different Manufactures same car.

  • Terra

    26k “Enthusiast” car with 200hp/149 torque WONT SELL (even with all the media on their side) , but Toyota still wondering: Why is not selling like the other cars we make??
    Toyota let me tell you, enthusiast are not your audience keep building Priuses and rusty Tacos.

  • MaxLegroom

    Could it possibly be a number of factors not directly related to the car itself? If this car is targeted at young people, how could unemployment or wages among the young people they’d like to buy this car influence its prospects? Would the original Mustang have succeeded if the minimum wage was somewhere between 1/3 to 1/4 of what it was, or 1 in 8 of its potential buyers were unable to find work? Or could it be that this car is expected to sell to a generation that is, unfortunately, more interested in other things, as has been found to be true even in its home market?

    While it is true that the car could use more power, as most writers have stated, or that the styling could be simplified, inside and out, I doubt that these factors are the real reasons for the lack of sales.

  • Alex

    Genesis coupe has suuuuuper poor build quality. I don’t care how much power it has, I’m not investing my money in a Hyundai. The frs is a great car, I drive one, I have no complaints. The car probably has low sales because when it first came out dealers were sharks. A guy wanted to sell me a USED one for the same price as a new one, and the new one quoted at $2k more than msrp. When I finally found a dealer that would sell for msrp I had to wait a month for color and transmission. I think that’s why the sales are so low. The dealer couldn’t meet demands at launch and prospective buyers got turned off. Japan build quality > Chinese. In the end you will always get what you pay for.

  • Big Daddy

    Could it be all the problems I’ve read about ? Was ready to buy, but got price bull from dealer, then read about problems that shouldn’t exist today, engine probs., poor fitting doors, rattles, water in lights, long wait for parts etc. Who needs to put up with that crap. I think the car is great, now just put it together right. If more power is needed put it in ! Have seen nothing about corrections so far.

  • Jamal

    Maybe future models are in doubt due to poor reliability.

  • thatniceguynick

    They answered their own question. They don’t sell because they don’t have power. However, it is also important to note they are terribly unreliable and they are Subaru. Toyota does it’s best work on it’s own. Make a 100% Toyota RWD coupe in the 30k-40k range and you’ll get the sales. Another Supra please…. with all Toyota parts!