Self-Adjusting Seats: The Future of Luxury Cars

Self-Adjusting Seats: The Future of Luxury Cars

For decades, automakers have continued to develop the technology to make car seats comfier, and now self-adjusting seats might be the answer for the future.

Two leading seat suppliers, Faurecia SA and Johnson Controls Inc. have confirmed that they’re working on self-adjusting seats that would use cameras and pressure sensors to automatically fit the occupant’s contours. Nowadays, luxury vehicles could have as much as 22 controls on their seats, making them not only cumbersome to adjust but confusing to the average car owner. Of course, self-adjusting seats target the ultra-luxurious sedans in the world, many of which carry passengers that are being chauffeured.

Faurecia has been working on the Oasis (seen above) and confirmed that it is in collaboration with an American automaker to bring the technology to a vehicle by next year. The France-based company’s Oasis seat adjusts itself to fit a passenger thanks to the use of video cameras.

“For the past 10 years, we’ve been trying to simplify the adjustments while providing comfort,” said Olivier Boinais, Faurecia’s senior industrial design manager for North and South America. He also believes that the initial market for self-adjusting seats “clearly is for an extended sedan that is chauffeured.”

[Source: Automotive News]