Tesla Model S is America’s Most Loved Vehicle

Tesla Model S is America’s Most Loved Vehicle

According to a recent study, the Tesla Model S is America’s most loved vehicle.

The study comes courtesy of Strategic Vision, which calculated a “love score” for vehicles based on “a vehicle’s total emotional response from buyer-drivers.” Using a scoring system as measured on the Edwards Commitment Scale, Strategic Vision determined just how much an owner loved their vehicle and ranked them according to market segment.

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The Tesla Model S had the highest overall score with 852 points, making it the most loved vehicle in the industry. The only other vehicle to have a score in the 800s was the Hyundai Equus, which took the crown in the Luxury Car category. Other vehicles that were also most loved in their category include the Nissan Leaf (small alternative powertrain car), Dodge Challenger (specialty coupe), Cadillac Escalade (luxury SUV) and Toyota Sienna (minivan).

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