Tesla Model S is Consumer Reports’ Top-Scoring Model

Tesla Model S is Consumer Reports’ Top-Scoring Model

Tesla has another feather to put in its cap. The California-based electric-car builder just earned a major accolade from Consumer Reports.

The watchdog publication selected the company’s luxurious Model S all-electric sedan as their Number one pick, the best overall model they’ve evaluated. The magazine’s editors praised the car’s sharp handling, compliant ride and versatile cabin, but that’s not all.

They were bowled over by its innovative engineering including a massive 17-inch touch screen on the center stack and silky-smooth drivetrain that provides nearly effortless acceleration. The car’s 225-mile range and (relatively) rapid charges earned kudos as well.

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Overall the influential consumer publication called the Tesla Model S “a glimpse into a future where cars and computers coexist in seamless harmony.”

Beyond doing well in road tests Consumer Reports’ Top Picks must also deliver average or better reliability and perform well in either government or insurance-industry crash tests; this is no cakewalk.

About the only downside they mentioned was pricing. This luxurious four-door’s as-tested price was nearly $90,000.

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