Tesla Model S Sets Electric Coast-to-Coast Record

Tesla Model S Sets Electric Coast-to-Coast Record

Shortly after Tesla announced that it had completed its Supercharger network from Los Angeles to New York, a pair of Model S sedans began their coast-to-coast journey.

By using just the Supercharger network to keep their Model S vehicles charged, the two vehicles made it from Los Angeles to New York in 76 hours and 5 minutes setting a new electric car coast-to-coast record.

Down-time spent charging was included in the record, with the cars spending 15 hours and 57 seconds plugged-in during the journey. In total, both vehicles traveled 3,427 miles and saved 136 gallons of fuel per car.

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Some more interesting statistics from the trip include the fact that the team ran into two road closures on their journey, they had one of their gas-powered support vans break down and the lowest temperature the vehicles encountered was -4 degrees Fahrenheit. A total of 15 drivers were on the trip, and both vehicles needed 1,197.8 kWh of energy to get across the country.

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