Tesla is Stealing Toyota Buyers

Tesla is Stealing Toyota Buyers

Tesla sales are booming and a portion of it comes courtesy of previous Toyota owners.

According to a recent study conducted by IHS Automotive, about 15.5 percent of Tesla Model S buyers owned a Toyota vehicle at the time of the purchase. Unfortunately, the data isn’t very clear as to whether or not those owners are trading in their Toyota vehicles or purchased a Model S to complement the Toyota in the garage.

“The Toyota conquests by the Model S are being driven by the Prius, which is the number one model conquested by the Model S,” said IHS Automotive analyst Tom Libby.

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Regardless, it is likely that wealthier Prius owners are looking at the Model S as a more refined, high-performance offering than their Prius hybrid.

Add in the Lexus arm from Toyota and the numbers are even more impressive. Over a quarter (25.3%) of Tesla customers in the U.S. owned either a Toyota or Lexus vehicle at the time of the Model S purchase. As for Nissan Leaf owners, the electric sedan from Nissan ranks seventh on the Model S conquest list.

Tesla isn’t just stealing Toyota buyers though, nearly 11 percent of Tesla owners also owned a Mercedes-Benz vehicle while 10 percent had a BMW.

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[Source: LA Times]

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