Third Volvo Concept to Bow at 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Third Volvo Concept to Bow at 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Volvo has confirmed that its third concept car previewing the brand’s future will make its official debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Thus far, Volvo has unveiled its Concept Coupe and Concept XC Coupe and it’s unknown what body style the third concept will reveal. It is more likely that it’ll be a sedan or wagon considering the Swedish automaker has already shown off a coupe and crossover.

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Perhaps we’ll see a preview of the next-generation S60 sedan or the V60 wagon at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, but there’s also the possibility that Volvo could unveil a new four-door coupe as such is the popular trend in today’s marketplace. Either way, expect it to be build on the brand’s new modular SPA platform and feature Volvo’s new Drive-E four-cylinder engines.

GALLERY: Volvo Concept Coupe


GALLERY: Volvo Concept XC Coupe


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