Toyota Considering Sub-Compact SUV Below Rav4

Toyota Considering Sub-Compact SUV Below Rav4

Toyota is reportedly considering adding a subcompact SUV model to its lineup, a vehicle that would slot under the current RAV4.

The city SUV appears to be high on the Japanese automaker’s to-do list, and it’s not really a surprise given how booming the subcompact crossover market has become in certain markets. “Everybody needs to be there,” said Mark Dobson, Toyota Australia product planning manager. “It’s a market for all players. And Toyota is interested in any market that is growing.”

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Toyota’s sub-brand Daihatsu previously sold a Terios compact SUV in Australia (the source of this new report), and a second-generation model would be fitting for that market. A replacement for the Terios could come within 12 months in order to fill the niche market of subcompact SUVs.

Toyota’s domestic rival Honda is already selling a new sub-compact crossover called the Vezel in Japan with plans to export the Fit-based utility vehicle to North America soon.

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  • MistyGreen
  • Keith

    The Terios is cute! Put in a small diesel and get rid of the rear tire/side-swing tailgate and I would buy one.

  • glen

    Having owned a first, second, and third generation RAV4, each bigger than the one before, it would be logical for Toyota to introduce a RAV4 about the size of the late 90s, first generation! Why, oh why do auto manufacturers always think that bigger is better???

  • Sargonarhes

    Isn’t a compact SUV what the RAV4 started out as in the first place? Why not just keep the vehicles in their original size instead of making them bigger and bigger.

  • Tubes

    This report is talking about overseas, Australia specifically. The article you mention is referring to North America.

  • jbw9999

    And 3 generations later, they’ll be making a smaller SUV to replace the then-grown-up sub-RAV4.

  • joslyn

    Wow! I TOTALLY AGREE! I’v also been a wondering this very same question! I LOVED the Toyota Rav 4, 1997 and had one for 18 years. Just got a newer Rav 4, a 2004, the LAST year they made them SUBCOMPACT. I wrote to Toyota asking why don’t they have a subcompact anymore, and they said the market was going in that direction. REALLY? Even BMW, Mercedes and everyone else is going with the subcompact SUV market, except Toyota, the ONE who invented the subcompact! How lame. I love Toyota and have been waiting for a newer subcompact like the old Rav4. They were great. Great visibility (none of this barely can see out of the squashed window slits they have now so now they have to have a camera on to see what’s around the car), sat high off the ground and compact to fit into any parking space! Just wish they’d do a HYBRID subcompact SUV!

  • This might not be a bad idea, actually. Jeep is doing a similar thing with the Renegade subcompact SUV, and people are buying those. A lot of people want the image of a truck / cargo space but prefer the economy of a smaller 4-cylinder engine. The name, price, and design all have to be on-point though if it’s going to work.