Toyota Considering Sub-Compact SUV Below Rav4

Toyota Considering Sub-Compact SUV Below Rav4
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Toyota is reportedly considering adding a subcompact SUV model to its lineup, a vehicle that would slot under the current RAV4.

The city SUV appears to be high on the Japanese automaker’s to-do list, and it’s not really a surprise given how booming the subcompact crossover market has become in certain markets. “Everybody needs to be there,” said Mark Dobson, Toyota Australia product planning manager. “It’s a market for all players. And Toyota is interested in any market that is growing.”

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Toyota’s sub-brand Daihatsu previously sold a Terios compact SUV in Australia (the source of this new report), and a second-generation model would be fitting for that market. A replacement for the Terios could come within 12 months in order to fill the niche market of subcompact SUVs.

Toyota’s domestic rival Honda is already selling a new sub-compact crossover called the Vezel in Japan with plans to export the Fit-based utility vehicle to North America soon.

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  • Keith

    The Terios is cute! Put in a small diesel and get rid of the rear tire/side-swing tailgate and I would buy one.

  • glen

    Having owned a first, second, and third generation RAV4, each bigger than the one before, it would be logical for Toyota to introduce a RAV4 about the size of the late 90s, first generation! Why, oh why do auto manufacturers always think that bigger is better???

  • Sargonarhes

    Isn’t a compact SUV what the RAV4 started out as in the first place? Why not just keep the vehicles in their original size instead of making them bigger and bigger.

  • Tubes

    This report is talking about overseas, Australia specifically. The article you mention is referring to North America.

  • jbw9999

    And 3 generations later, they’ll be making a smaller SUV to replace the then-grown-up sub-RAV4.